DCAT and DCAT-AP training: Basic user

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This webinar is the second of a series of webinars dedicated to DCAT and DCAT-AP:
  • DCAT and DCAT-AP training: General Introduction
  • DCAT and DCAT-AP training: Basic user
  • DCAT and DCAT-AP training: Advanced user

Pubblico di destinazione

This webinar is intended for basic users with some knowledge in the field or that have participated in DCAT and DCAT-AP training: General introduction. Target group: data stewards in EU institutions and in particular people who describe data assets in internal catalogues and/or on EU ODP.

Obiettivi formativi

Understand the concepts of Linked Data; Know the vocabularies used in DCAT and DCAT-AP and how they are used; Understand the way DCAT-AP defines mandatory, recommended and optional classes and properties; See the controlled vocabularies used in DCAT-AP; Look at some examples and guidelines.

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