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Description du cours

A unique mix of inspirational and practical contents for researchers to dream of disruptive projects for a better future.

Public cible

• Researcher in future and emerging technologies based on deep science • Any researcher searching to engage stakeholders around h/her research • Researchers concerned not only about tech but about societal impact and ethics • Other stakeholders and policymakers/regulators

Objectifs d'apprentissage

• Reflect together on (emerging) tech key principles and increasing the cross-disciplinary comprehension of an (emerging) topic and its potential impacts when combined with others. • Enable a “debate” with a future scenario as a pivotal point: Dreams and Nightmares for Europe. • RRI Dimensions to consider in these “dreams” for Europe. • Increase the understanding and practical information by hearing from experts in emerging technologies that could influence/amplify/modify the hot Topics that are discussed.

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Ce contenu est offert par la Commission européenne. La Commission européenne est le bras exécutif politiquement indépendant de l'Union européenne. Elle est seule chargée d'élaborer des propositions de nouvelle législation européenne et elle met en œuvre les décisions du Parlement européen et du Cons

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  2. Day 1 | 27/10/2020
  3. Day 2 | 28/10/2020
  4. Day 3 | 29/10/2020
  5. Day 4 | 30/10/2020