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Did you know you can use this platform to get in touch with other Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps  international mobility participants? That’s right… Connect and share your language learning and cultural experiences with your peers with your language community right here! Our community managers are also on the forum to help you succeed. You can:
  • ask questions you have about the language 
  • practise your new skills with other learners  
  • discover cultural experiences and places to go 
  • share films, music, TV series and more.
Maybe you’re not ready to connect with other people just yet? That’s totally fine! You’ve got access to some cool materials that you can "pick and choose" as you wish. You’ll find find videos on grammar videos if you want a quick explanation on a grammar point, vocabulary flashcards if you want to revise new words, and course packages MOOCs if you want a fully immersive learning experience, and more.

Target audience

Erasmus + and European Solidarity Corps participants.


  • Exchange with the learning community. 
  • Go the extra mile with language resources. 

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