E-talk with Prof. Bobby Duffy ‘The Generation Myth’

Generational stereotypes are fuelling fake generational culture wars that are distracting us from the real trends and threats. In particular, inequality is becoming increasingly intergenerational, generational separation is a more serious problem than a battle between the age groups, and our chronic short-termism is preventing us from dealing with the biggest issues we face. Embedding longer-term thinking that connects the generations is vital, as this session will show, based on Professor Bobby Duffy’s new book.

Target audience

EU policymaking community, EU institutions, research and academia, national authorities, international Organisations. 

Learning objectives

  • Learn about modern EU policymaking by exploring various highly relevant topics and innovative approaches 
  • Learn from the expertise of world-class academics, journalists and thinkers

07 Dec 2021
07 Dec 2021

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Bobby Duffy


King's College London

Professor of Public Policy and Director of the Policy Institute, King's College London