E-talk with Prof. Mitchell Weiss on Public Entrepreneurship

The huge challenges we face are daunting and at the same time, we’ve come to accept that government can’t do new things or solve tough challenges – it’s too big, slow and bureaucratic. Not so, says Mitchell Weiss. The key is a shift from a mindset of “Probability Government” to “Possibility Government.” This means public leadership and management that is willing to boldly imagine new possibilities and to experiment. At a crucial moment in the evolution of government’s role in our society, We the Possibility provides inspiration and a positive model to help shape progress for generations to come. 

Target audience

EU policymaking community, EU institutions, research and academia, national authorities, international Organisations. 

Learning objectives

  • Learn about modern EU policymaking by exploring various highly relevant topics and innovative approaches 
  • Learn from the expertise of world-class academics, journalists and thinkers

14 Jun 2021
14 Jun 2021

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Mitchell Weiss


Harvard Business School

Professor of Management Practice in the Entrepreneurial Management Unit at Harvard Business School.