E-talk with Ricardo Borges de Castro "The Commission as geopolitical actor"

2021 has been, so far, a crash course in geopolitics for the EU. EU foreign policy is under pressure. In a world that is increasingly more competitive, but still interdependent, what does it mean for the Commission to be an autonomous geopolitical actor? What lessons for the future should European policymakers take from the recent ups-and-downs of EU’s global engagement? Is there room to improve and innovate EU’s foreign policy tools? 

Public cible

EU policymaking community, EU institutions, research and academia, national authorities, international Organisations. 

Objectifs d'apprentissage

  • Learn about modern EU policymaking by exploring various highly relevant topics and innovative approaches
  • Learn from the expertise of world-class academics, journalists and thinkers

18 Jun 2021
18 Jun 2021

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Ricardo Borges de Castro

Associate Director and Head of Europe in the World Programme

European Policy Centre

Associate Director and Head of Europe in the World Programme at the European Policy Centre.