"Politics after individualism": E-talk with Sir Paul Collier and Prof. John Kay

Two of the UK’s leading economists call for an end to extreme individualism as the engine of prosperity. Collier and Kay show how a reaffirmation of the values of mutuality could refresh and restore politics, business and the environments in which people live. 

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EU policymaking community, EU institutions, research and academia, national authorities, and international organisations. 

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  • Learn about modern EU policymaking by exploring various highly relevant topics and innovative approaches
  • Learn from the expertise of world-class academics, journalists and thinkers

07 Jun 2021
07 Jun 2021

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Paul Collier

Professor of Economics

Oxford Blavatnik School of Government

Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the Oxford Blavatnik School of Government.

John Kay


St John’s College Oxford

One of Britain’s leading economists and a fellow of St John’s College Oxford.