How to register in EU Academy (New users)

To start using EU Academy, you should have a valid EU Login account.

 If you dont have EU Login, then you can create it by following below process,

1. Access the EU Academy website.

2. At the top navigation menu, click on  Log in link at right corner.

3. You will be redirected to EU Login authentication page.

4. On EU login page, click on Create an account .

5. Fill the required fields and submit the form.

6. You will receive an email to create your password by clicking a link in email.

7. Once password creation is successful , you should see a page with a button 'Proceed' and clicking on it will automatically log you into EU Academy site.

8. After successful login, you can enroll to courses.

Note : You can access Help for external users if you need more information on EU Login.

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