Explore Portugal: Get Lost in the less touristy side of Lisbon

Probably when you search for something about Lisbon, you will always come across "3 things you can't miss, 2 days itinerary in Lisbon" etc. In this article I will not mention the obvious suggestions of Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, pastéis de Belém, Torre de Belém, São Jorge Castle and Sé Catedral, the Alfama and Bairro Alto neighbourhoods, the pedestrian streets of Baixa/Chiado, the Graça and São Pedro Alcântara viewpoints, Portas de Pombal, the historical centre of Lisbon and the city centre, the Castle of St. George and the Cathedral, the Alfama and Bairro Alto neighbourhoods, the pedestrian streets of Baixa/Chiado, the viewpoints of Graça, São Pedro de Alcântara, Portas do Sol and Senhora do Monte and other tourist attractions that bring worldwide fame to Lisbon.

This is not a normal Lisbon travel itinerary, this is a tour through the less touristy side of the city, those places that normally are not on your list and that only few tourists are aware of.

I will present to you 6 things you must do and visit in Lisbon...

1. Visit Estufa Fria

Originally designed as a shelter for plants, the Estufa Fria de Lisboa is a space where you can enjoy pleasant moments amongst lakes, waterfalls, streams, works of statuary and hundreds of different plant species from all over the world. It is not an oasis in the middle of the city, but rather a surreal jungle, right in the centre of Lisbon.

Location: Parque Eduardo VII, 1070-051 Lisboa

estufa fria

2. Explore LX Factory

LX Factory is one of the coolest places to visit in Lisbon. Imagine an abandoned industrial area of Lisbon. Now imagine the area becoming one of the coolest spots for culture and art and gastronomy in the city. The transformation of the place started in 2005 and nowadays it is an artistic space, where you can find several design companies, street art, besides shops, restaurants and bookstores have settled in the place.

Location: R. Rodrigues de Faria 103, 1300-501 Lisboa

lx factory1

3. Visit the Ler Devagar Bookstore

Since we're talking about LX Factory, a visit to Ler Devagar bookstore is a must in your itinerary. Ler Devagar is more than a bookstore, it's an invitation to enjoy a very pleasant space. The unique decoration of the place has earned the bookshop the title of one of the bookshops in the world. The place has a wide space, united by a huge staircase and filled with old printing machines, has 2 bars, sculptures like the famous flying bicycle, and thousands of books distributed by all the walls and spaces.

Location: R. Rodrigues de Faria 103, - G 0.3, 1300-501 Lisboa


4. Flea market shopping at Feira da Ladra

One of the most famous and oldest markets in Lisbon, the Feira da Ladra flea market. Traditionally dedicated to the trade of second-hand objects, here you will find real gems, tiles, antiques and handicrafts, among many unspeakable old things. It is paradise for those who like to trade vintage things at unmissable prices. The fair covers a large area, so it is recommended to dedicate a morning or afternoon to see as many stalls as possible and enjoy the atmosphere. It usually happens every Tuesday and Saturday.

Location: Campo de Santa Clara

feira da ladra

5. Go to MAAT (Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology)

The Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology – is the new cultural project for the city of Lisbon. It’s a museum where these three areas intertwine within a space of debate, discovery, critical thinking and international dialogue. MAAT’s ambition is to present national and international exhibitions by contemporary artists, architects and thinkers. If you're looking for a different thing to do on an afternoon in Lisbon, this might be the right place. After visiting the museum, you can relax on the terrace with a view of the Tejo River.

Location: Av. Brasília, 1300-598 Lisboa


6. Keep an eye on local events!!!

Lisbon is the capital of culture, modern art and there are always new and interesting things happening in the city. The easiest way to find out what’s going on in Lisbon is by joining Lisbon groups on Facebook or Meetup. As the city’s metropolitan community continues to grow, several culturally diverse events are organised. Signs and flyers are usually posted around the city highlighting upcoming events. There's always a concert happening, a theatre, exhibitions of the most diverse themes, new spaces opening, stand-up comedies... the trick is to be open to know new things and keep an eye out for new events!

See you!

Juliane (Ju) OLS Community Manager

Last modified: Thursday, 16 March 2023, 4:10 PM