Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Language Teaching: Challenges and Possibilities

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a newcomer in the field of education, but it is set to change the rules of the game in many ways. Language Teaching is, among others, one of the fields in which AI promises to most profoundly affect the way we learn and teach. AI can offer personalized learning experiences; it can enhance language assessment with automated grading and feedback and facilitate immersive language practice through chatbots and language processing tools. 

AI-powered platforms can also analyse student data to tailor lesson plans, making language learning more effective and engaging. Additionally, AI can break down language barriers thorough multiple methods, making language education more accessible to a global audience. Therefore, in this course we will explore and acquire the basic knowledge about what AI is and what it can offer in Language Teaching.

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Start date: Monday 25 September 2023
End date: Wednesday 11 October 2023

Duration: 2 weeks and 2 days
Workload: 8-10 hours 

Target audience

Teachers from all school levels and subjects as well as other school staff (librarians, school leaders, etc.) who are interested in enhancing their knowledge on the field of Artificial Intelligence in Language Teaching 

Learning objectives

More specifically, in this course participants will:

  • Learn the different types of AI available for Language Teachingand their possible uses
  • Explore the challenges it poses and how to use it in our classrooms and lessons
  • Develop an understanding on how AI works
  • Delve into the specific areas in which AI is useful for Language Teaching today
  • Learn how to design learning resources with the help of AI or considering the use of AI during the learning process

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  1. How to get started with this course
  2. Module 1 – AI and language teaching: an introduction
  3. Module 2 – Towards AI-powered Language Teaching and Learning: strategies and resources
  4. Module 3 – Possibilities and Challenges of AI for Language Teaching and Learning
  5. Module 4 – Putting AI into practice: The Final Task