Digital-ready policymaking

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Digital-ready Policymaking seeks to reimagine policymaking for the digital age. It emphasises a shift in mindset, encouraging collaborative teamwork and multidisciplinary approaches to bridge the gap between policy design and implementation. This course is intended to provide participants with a thorough understanding of the major components of digital-ready policymaking and how they can be effectively implemented by European Institutions and Member State Administrations.

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This course is addressed to policymakers, policy officers, service managers and IT officials working in policymaking or in public service delivery within the EU institutions and in governments in general.

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  •  Understand what is digital-ready policymaking and how it helps make better regulation
  • Learn how to make policies digital-ready and get acquainted with the best practices

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Questo contenuto è offerto dalla Commissione Europea. La Commissione Europea è il braccio esecutivo politicamente indipendente dell'Unione Europea. È l'unico responsabile dell'elaborazione delle proposte di nuova legislazione europea e attua le decisioni del Parlamento europeo e del Consiglio dell'U

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