Teaching Entrepreneurship

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This is a self-paced online course for educators in higher education of all disciplines that wish to integrate entrepreneurship into their classroom and are interested to learn how to teach through entrepreneurship and encourage their students and peers to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

The entreTime project has been an EU initiative, implemented by the consortium led by Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship, and supervised by the DG GROW, DG EAC, ETF, JRC and EISMEA.

Following the philosophy “teaching through entrepreneurship” the entreTime programme’s objective is primarily to strengthen the understanding of and address the need for entrepreneurship in higher education and to awaken the entrepreneurial mindset of educators by developing their competencies based on the entrepreneurship competence framework (EntreComp).

Target audience

Educators in higher education from all disciplines who are interested in learning how to teach through entrepreneurship and foster entrepreneurial mindsets in their students.

Learning objectives

  • Provide background on entrepreneurship and EntreComp            
  • Learn what the entrepreneurial mindset is
  • Introduce learners to a framework that helps to address challenges and make decisions
  • Introduce systems thinking and its implications
  • Present the need for continuous innovation and use of co-creation as a tool for innovation
  • Provide a background on responsible entrepreneurship
  • Present coaching as a way of aligning students to be able to achieve optimal result

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  1. Welcome
  2. Introduction
  3. Module 1 – Pedagogy, Self-Reflection
  4. Module 2 - Entrepreneurial mindset, personality and competences
  5. Module 3 - Innovation, creativity and opportunity spotting
  6. Module 4 - System thinking, ecosystems, networks
  7. Module 5 - Intrapreneurship, Co-Creation, Business Modelling
  8. Module 6 - Responsibility and sustainability
  9. Module 7 - Communication, Coaching, Storytelling
  10. Certificate