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To strengthen cooperation and coordination among its Member and Participating States in the field of civil protection, the Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM) offers a dynamic and comprehensive training programme tailored to specific target groups through its Knowledge Network.  The UCPM training programme supplements the national training offered to experts and intervention teams by their home country or organisation to better prepare them for international deployments under the Union Mechanism. 

Target audience

The UCPM training programme is open to civil protection and disaster management actors from the Europe Union, UCPM Participating States, partner organisation and third countries interested in improving their knowledge and skills on the European Civil Protection.   Eligible participants can find out more by contacting the National Training Coordinator (NTC) in their country.


Thanks to the UPCM training programme, civil protection experts and emergency management personnel acquire the knowledge, competence and skills to prevent, prepare and to respond to disasters inside and outside the European Union, collectively and in an efficient and effective manner.   The training programme gives access to a community of highly skilled peers ready to support and engage in UCPM operations and activities.

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