How can I start my OLS language course?

Dear OLS learner,

In order to start perfecting your new language with OLS, you will first need to join a language community and complete a language assessment. 

You can already find great courses at levels A1, A2, B1 and B2 for English, French, German, Italian and Spanish – which are very likely to cover your needs for your mobility journey and help you to discover great new places. The new OLS platform will be continually upgraded with new content so be sure to check in with us from time to time! 

How to take a language assessment

  1. Visit OLS on the EU Academy by clicking on the link you have received by email.

  2. Choose the language community of the language you wish to learn with OLS. Community managers are there to assist you with specific questions you might have.

  3. Click on the language assessment to start your test.

  4. Complete your language assessment.

  5. Following your assessment, you will find a range of learning materials appropriate to your level, on your new EU Academy dashboard here:

How to complete your language courses

After you have taken the language assessment to ascertain your level, a range of learning materials appropriate to your level will appear on your dashboard.

  1. Access your dashboard here:

  2. Consult the content which has been made available to you and click on any piece of content to start learning.

  3. Good luck! Your progress will be automatically recorded. 

  4. At any time you can retake a language assessment to monitor your progress, and where appropriate following the result of this assessment new language resources will be made available to you on your dashboard.

So no need to wait! Join your language community, take the language assessment and you are already on your way to unlocking a new language and culture! 

Your language community manager is there to help you at all times. You can ask questions in one of the OLS working languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian and German) if you are an A1-level learner. If you are at A2 level or above, congratulations! Why not try to ask any questions in the language that you are learning? That will help you greatly with your progress!

Kind regards from the OLS Team

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