How can I obtain the results of my language assessment and retrieve a certificate?

The Online Language Support (OLS) language assessment provides you with a recommendation of which language level to enrol in and a certificate of the assessment. You can take a language assessment as many times as you wish to monitor your progress with OLS.  

If you have already completed a language assessment, you can find your results and download a certificate of the assessment by following the steps below: 

  1. Go to your Dashboard at: 

  1. On the right side of the Dashboard, beside the list of modules, your certificate will appear under "My achievements". 

  1. Click the download icon to save the certificate as a PDF.  

If you have not completed a language assessment, follow the steps below to obtain your results and download a certificate:  

  1. Click on the language assessment in your chosen OLS language community. 

  1. The test will take 10-45 minutes depending on your level. You can end the test at any time. Click "Start assessment" to begin the test and then follow the instructions.  

  1. You will be guided through several pages of questions. To end the test, simply click the "Finish attempt" button on the final page or on the right of the questions on any page. 

  1. After finishing the test, you will be able to review your answers and see how many were correct. You will receive a recommendation of which course to enrol in based on your results.  

  1. Afterwards, you can then retake the assessment or download a copy of the certificate.  

  1. The certificate is available on the right side of the screen. Click on "…" and select "download" from the dropdown menu. A PDF of the certificate will then be saved in your downloads folder.    

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