CSG - Cultural Sensitivity and Gender

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This course elaborates on cultural sensitivity and gender aspects in civil protection. It can be important in different settings - international training courses, exercises, but most importantly in real disaster management missions and operations. The course underlines the necessity to differentiate needs and vulnerabilities of the affected population in a disaster situation.

Target audience

Civil protection experts

Learning objectives

After the completion of this course participants will be able to:

- define culture and cultural sensitivity, bias and understand where it comes from;
- know the general definition of "gender" as well as an introduction to the difference between gender and sex, and differentiated needs and vulnerabilities;
- protection in humanitarian emergencies;
- give practical examples of how CP teams or EUCP Team members can be aware of potential issues and positively contribute to a mission while being aware of and reacting to gender, cultural or protection related scenarios.

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3.7 (3)


  1. Welcome to the course on cultural sensitivity and gender
  2. Lesson 1: What is cultural sensitivity?
  3. Lesson 2: The importance of gender sensitive approaches in civil protection
  4. Lesson 3: Protection in humanitarian situations
  5. Lesson 4: Practical examples