Prefet Academy Week

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A unique mix of inspirational and practical contents for researchers to dream of disruptive projects for a better future.

Pubblico di destinazione

• Researcher in future and emerging technologies based on deep science • Any researcher searching to engage stakeholders around h/her research • Researchers concerned not only about tech but about societal impact and ethics • Other stakeholders and policymakers/regulators

Obiettivi formativi

• Reflect together on (emerging) tech key principles and increasing the cross-disciplinary comprehension of an (emerging) topic and its potential impacts when combined with others. • Enable a “debate” with a future scenario as a pivotal point: Dreams and Nightmares for Europe. • RRI Dimensions to consider in these “dreams” for Europe. • Increase the understanding and practical information by hearing from experts in emerging technologies that could influence/amplify/modify the hot Topics that are discussed.

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Questo contenuto è offerto dalla Commissione Europea. La Commissione Europea è il braccio esecutivo politicamente indipendente dell'Unione Europea. È l'unico responsabile dell'elaborazione delle proposte di nuova legislazione europea e attua le decisioni del Parlamento europeo e del Consiglio dell'U

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  2. Day 1 | 27/10/2020
  3. Day 2 | 28/10/2020
  4. Day 3 | 29/10/2020
  5. Day 4 | 30/10/2020