Unlocking the power of teachers' digital competence: “Assessment methods in the digital age”

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Descripción del curso

Digital competence does not solely refer to mastering technology but rather to the way that teachers can use this technology to enhance their professional practice, empower their learners and improve learning outcomes.

In the fifth course of the course series on Unlocking the Power of Teacher Digital Competence, we delve into assessment. Digital technologies can enhance existing assessment practices and facilitate new and innovative ones. Teachers can use digital technologies to collect data to better support and assess learners, while enabling them to reflect and adapt their teaching practice.

The course is offered by the European School Education Platform. Visit our website for more information.

Duration and workload

Start date: Monday 16 September 2024

End date: Wednesday 23 October 2024

Duration: 5 weeks

Workload: 15-20 hours

Course competences

The recipient of this certificate has demonstrated B2 level proficiency of the following competences according to the digital competence framework of the European Commission's SELFIE for TEACHERs tool:

  • Assessment strategies (Using digital technologies to support formative and summative assessment of learning)
  • Analysing evidence (Using digital technologies to collect and analyse evidence on students´ learning processes and outcomes)
  • Feedback and planning (Using digital technologies to provide feedback to learners, facilitating planning of further action)

For more information about the competences and the proficiency levels see the SELFIE for TEACHERs toolkit.

Público objetivo

The course is relevant to all primary and secondary teachers, irrespective of their teaching subjects. Additionally, the course is beneficial for all educators interested in improving their digital competence and enhance their learning in the digital age.

Objetivos de aprendizaje

As a participant, you will:

  • Select digital technologies to support specific aspects in assessment “of”, “for” and “as” learning and capture best the nature of the learning outcome to be assessed,
  • Select digital technologies that facilitate presentation and analysis of learning data to support your reflections on your teaching practice and on your students' learning,
  • Select digital technologies that can help in providing, receiving and analysing feedback in order to inform teaching and enhance the design of learning on a continuous basis.

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