Unlocking the power of teachers' digital competence: “Facilitating learners' digital competence”

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Course details

Digital competence does not solely refer to mastering technology but rather to the way that teachers can use this technology to enhance their professional practice, empower their learners and improve learning outcomes.

In the sixth and final course of the course series on Unlocking the Power of Teacher Digital Competence, we focus on facilitating learners’ digital competence.

The course is offered by the European School Education Platform. Visit our website for more information.

Duration and workload

Start date: Monday 28 October 2024

End date: Wednesday 4 December 2024

Duration: 5 weeks

Workload: 15-20 hours

Course competences

The recipient of this certificate has demonstrated B2 level proficiency of the following competences according to the digital competence framework of the European Commission's SELFIE for TEACHERs tool:

  • Information and data literacy (Incorporating learning activities, which require learners to use digital technologies to search, evaluate and manage information and data in digital environments)
  • Communication and collaboration (Implementing learning activities that require learners to communicate and collaborate using digital technologies)
  • Content creation (Incorporating learning activities that require learners to express themselves by creating digital artefacts)
  • Safety and wellbeing (Empowering learners to use digital technologies safely, while mitigating risks to ensure physical, psychological and social well-being)
  • Responsible use (Empowering learners to use digital technologies responsibly and ethically, managing their digital identity, digital footprint and digital reputation)

For more information about the competences and the proficiency levels see the SELFIE for TEACHERs toolkit.

Target audience

The course is relevant to all primary and secondary teachers, irrespective of their teaching subjects. Additionally, the course is beneficial for all educators interested in improving their digital competence and enhance their learning in the digital age.

Learning objectives

As a participant, you will:

  • Design learning to support students to critically search, evaluate and manage information and data,
  • Design learning to support students to use digital technologies for communication and collaboration respecting behavioural and communication norms,
  • Design learning to engage students in creative design processes in order to (re)create quality digital content, while respecting copyright rules and licenses,
  • Design learning to help students develop strategies of responsible and ethical use of technologies, to safeguard their reputation, and promote social well-being,
  • Design learning to provide opportunities for students to manage their digital identities and reputations,
  • Design learning to allow students to look for different innovative and creative solutions to be applied in new situations and contexts.

Offered by

This content is offered by the European Commission. The European Commission is the European Union's politically independent executive arm. It is alone responsible for drawing up proposals for new European legislation, and it implements the decisions of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union.

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