Local Green Deals: A Governance Innovation to Accelerate the Twin Transition

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This course looks at how the European Green Deal can be implemented at the local level by cities and municipalities, using the governance instrument of Local Green Deals -- collaboration agreements to accelerate transformative sustainability action. The course builds on the activities of the European Commission’s Intelligent Cities Challenge, which is currently running from 2023-2025 and supports local governments in strengthening their action planning through city-business partnerships.

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The course mainly targets local ecosystem actors, including local authorities
administrators and business stakeholders.

Obiettivi formativi

  • Contextualise Local Green Deals as a governance approach to implement the European Green Deal at the local level;
  • Provide an overview and definitions of key concepts around Local Green Deals, based on the Local Green Deal Blueprint for Action;
  • Provide concrete examples, tips and advice from City administrators with experience implementing Local Green Deals in their jurisdictions.

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  1. Welcome
  2. Introducing Local Green Deals
  3. Paving the way for Local Green Deal partnerships
  4. Understanding Funding and Finance for Local Green Deal