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Do you want to learn how to talk about your daily activities? How to talk about your past experiences? How to tell stories or memories? How to give or ask for advice or information? How to describe a place or give directions? You've come to the right place! We offer courses for all language levels, from beginner to expert. On our platform, you'll find:

  • videos illustrating the language of everyday life
  • interactive and playful ways to learn new words and phrases"

Цільова аудиторія

Erasmus + and European Solidarity Network participants

Результати навчання

By the end of this course, you'll be able to understand and use everyday expressions and essential phrases to support you in your new country to:
  •  meet people
  • share information about yourself and learn about others
  • exchange ideas and information on familiar topics 
  • talk about likes and dislikes
  • make and respond to suggestions
Each module prepares you for a real-world task where you’ll need to use all of the communicative, linguistic and cultural skills you’ve learned… independently! Ready to start your first course? Let’s go! 


Цей контент представлений Європейською комісією. Європейська Комісія є політично незалежною виконавчою структурою Європейського Союзу. Відповідальна за розробку пропозицій щодо нового європейського законодавства та виконує рішення Європейського парламенту та Ради Європейського Союзу.

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  1. How to learn with OLS
  2. What do I need to take on mobility?
  3. I lost my passport!
  4. Don't forget to close the window!
  5. Where is the supermarket?
  6. My first day at uni
  7. I used to be in a rock band.
  8. I missed an episode.
  9. I have to write an email to my teacher.
  10. Next year, I'm gonna be...
  11. I'm throwing a party!
  12. Check your progress