Setting up your eTwinning Project

The eTwinning community is engaged in many activities, from peer exchanges between teachers in eTwinning groups to collaboration between classes in eTwinning projects. Participation in eTwinning projects helps pupils acquire new skills and competencies and supports teachers in their professional development by networking with peers and sharing pedagogical practices.

Target audience

Teachers interested to collaborate and work together with teachers all over Europe by developing eTwinning projects.

Learning objectives

In this webinar series, you will: 

  • Learn how to create and run a quality eTwinning project
  • Explore the key elements of an eTwinning project in practice

12 Apr 2022
14 Apr 2022

Online event

Online only

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Irene Pateraki

Pedagogical and Monitoring Manager

European Schoolnet / eTwinning

How to plan a quality eTwinning project: collaboration and use of ICT.

Marijana Pantić

English Language and Literature Teacher

eTwinning National Support Organization Serbia

How to plan a quality eTwinning project: curriculum integrations, pedagogical approaches, results and documentation.

Practical information

This webinar series on Setting up your eTwinning Project consists of two webinars, two quizzes and a forum activity that you can complete in your own time in between the two webinars.Please find the timeline below and try to keep the following dates in mind to regulate your learning:

  • Tuesday 12 April at 16:00 CEST: Webinar 1
  • Tuesday 12 April after 17:00 until Thursday 14 April 23:59: Forum Activity
  • Thursday 14 April at 16.00 CEST: Webinar 2
To receive a certificate, you will need to:
  • Attend the two webinars
  • Complete the two relevant quizzes
  • Complete the forum activity