Level(s) - Sustainable performance in buildings

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Level(s) provides a common language creating a shared understanding of sustainability performance in buildings. It is a simple entry point for applying circular economy principles in our built environment. The modules in this course explain the principles and concepts and offer you practical advice on how to use them over the life cycle of your building projects.
Note: This e-learning is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Polish. You can access them by changing the language on the EU Academy page in the upper right corner.

Цільова аудиторія

1. Built Environment and Sustainability professionals  2. Policy makers / Procurers / Public authorities 3. Investors / Property owners / Landlords

Результати навчання

This course will help built environment professionals to complete a building assessment using Level(s), even if they have only limited experience. 
Note: These materials are intended to inform best practice and promote core principles to enhance the sustainability of buildings. The EU does not accept any responsibility for any material or financial loss that may arise from their application.


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  1. Learning journey
  2. 0. Introduction
  3. 1. Greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions along a building’s life cycle
  4. 2. Resource efficient and circular material life cycles
  5. 3. Efficient use of water resources
  6. 4. Healthy and comfortable spaces
  7. 5. Adaption and resilience to climate change
  8. 6. Optimised life cycle cost and value